ACAnniversary-Orelov Render

Nikolai Orelov was a russian assassin who was active from the late 1800s till 1930. Nikolai was a skilled assassin however he was never able to reach the rank of master assassin like his idols Altair and Ezio did, probably cos he was drunk most of his life. Nikolai became an assassin when his dad joined a terrorist organisation. HIs dad decided he must become an assassin as well and started to train him.

Nikolai's main aim, which his life mostly revolved around, was to obtain the Staff of Eden that was in possesion of the Tsar. after brutally torturing a templar he found out the location to be Tunguska, located in Siberia.

The facility located in Tunguska was built by Nikola Tesla, who was one of the most advanced and intelligent mind of all time ( he managed to light up 200 lightbulbs from 24 miles, without using wires!). Nikolai and his comrades broke in to the facility and killed all templars, but were too late as Nikola Tesla activated his weapon which was linked to the Staff. This blew the station to smithereens and Nikolai was the only survivor.  The staff was not destroyed however, as a shard still remained.

Nikolai was pro assassin who did not reach the rank of master assassin as he would be drunk on many of his contracts, however he still mamaged to kill them. If only he did not drink he would be a master assassin and maybe even a mentor like his idols. He did not wear any armour like his descendents did and the weapons of his liking were as follows:

  • The hidden blade
  • A bolt action rifle
  • Long dagger
  • Sword

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