Noble team all together on REAAAACH!!!!

Noble Team all together on REAAAACH!!!!

Noble Team is a bunch of failures and rejects who helped to defend Reach. They all helped in their own way, but they all ended up dying in some way. Although they were led officially by Carter, Jorgey was really the driving force of the team, with Noble Six not far behind. When Jorgey left Reach he entrusted Noble Six with keeping the team together, and Six did so for a time and aided in the defence of Reach. However, despite doing well against the overwhelming odds initially, Noble Team was crushed by the Covenant and Reach eventually fell. Despite this, their legacy will live on forever according to the UNSC archives, although Jorgey firmly believes that the failure of Noble Team (apart from Noble Six) means that they should be all but forgotten, aside from in a special song.


  • Carter - The
    Noble Team

    Noble Team pose on the horizon

    leader, and the biggest failure of them all. He has no faith in his men and is more interested in staring at Kats ass than doing his job. He dies by crashing a Pelican into a Scarab, which is pointless since Pelicans can destroy Scarabs anyway.
  • Kat - The so-called 'tech support', she has a weird accent and always falls off stuff. She's a terrible driver, probably due to her robot arm. She dies by getting one-shotted by the weakest weapon ever.
  • Emile - The creepy shock trooper. He never takes his helmet off. He also hates Jorgey, so a troop of Zealots stab him in the back. Emile's dying words are 'I'm sorry... Jorge...' which nobody heard since he was alone at the time. Serves him right.
  • Jun - The sniper. He runs away with Halsey, Johnny's mum.
  • Jorgey - The weapons and demolitions specialist, read more about him here.
  • Six - no-one knows his name. He's a pilot and a baby version of Johnny. We think he's dead but he's actually on a permanant vacation.

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