Noiall, the insectoid ambassador for the Urrrrrrs

Noiall is the leader of the Urrrrrrs, and has several powers that differenciate him from these strange beings. For a start, he is more humanoid, and he spends most of his time on Earth as an Ambassodor. The people of Urrrrrr are a hive mind of clones, so they must get pretty boring. This explains why he also chose to be humanoid, seeing the same insectoid thing every day for all eternity must be boring as well. To be honest, The Urrrrrrs are a boring race.

Noiall joined the League military along with Spein and The Scot and aided the League in the War on the Maths Mafia. His tactics and efficiency secured victories on numerous battlefronts there and he was hailed a hero on Urrrrrr. Since he has settled down on Earth he has allowed his political views to get the better of him and has set up the Noiallreich, a twisted totalitarian society enforced by the Kampf Kadets, known affectionatly by Noiall as 'Mein Kampf Kadets'. However, the English translation was changed to 'Storm Cadets' to avoid confusion with another famous figure who was an inspiration to Noiall: George W. Bush.

Noiall was saved from certain death when the Maths Mafia attacked his platoon's camp, by none other than Shirazzle Dazzle, who was searching for squadmates for his attacks on the Mafia and happened to be passing by the camp at the time. Noiall considered himself indebted to Shirazzle, and promised to aid him in all his conflicts, including the War on the Maths Mafia, which had now become a stealthy, secretive fight rather than a full-scale military deployment.

The Noiallreich was taken on by the League in a diplomatic battle to free Noialltopia but the totalitarian government held its own against the League's diplomatic efforts, mostly because all of its citizens were either dead or had been assimilated into the Storm Cadets. Noiall himself disappeared after the last attempt at demolishing his Empire, and boarded his ship, the URR Mein Mantis, in an attempt to leave the planet. He was last seen landing on Urrrrrr after his 50-year recon mission had reached its completion, bringing with him news of his ambassodorial feats as well as his achievements in combat with the Maths Mafia and in setting up his NoiallReich.

Noiall did not sever his ties with Shirazzle Dazzle, however, and later aided him in the later conflict which became known as the Clique Civil War. His aid in this petty scuffle won Shirazzle his place as commander-in-chief of The Clique, and Noiall was content that aiding his friend in this war had repaid his debt. He then departed for Urrrrrr, to resume his duties as Chief Diplomat.

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