Noose Trap

The Demon's Noose Trap in action, note the wire's invisibility, the trait that makes it so deadly

The Noose Trap is a mechanism which was constructed by The Demon of The Abyss to inhibit people, or 'cattle' in her eyes, from entering her domain, either on purpose to seek intel to destroy her or by accident. The Demon decommisions the mechanism while she is in the room teaching a lesson etc. The trap lays by the door, eagerly awaiting its next victim.

The trap is quite simple in nature but that does not deter the deadliness of it. An invisible rope descends from one of the ceiling tiles and a lasso lays in wait. As soon as an unexpecting visitor opens the door and steps within the lasso, it instantly tightens its grip which can easily break but the strongest of bones. The rope then slowly descends upwards, taking the victim by the foot up into the ceiling tiles. there, the victim hangs upside alongside previous victims and are fed through nutrients and their thrist quenched by water vapour in the air.

No one knows of the fate that victimes if this trap are subject to, some say they lay deceased above the ceiling tiles, some say that they are transported to the Demon's domain where they are forever lost. Also it does not smell as there is a hole in the window with a high-power fan which ventilates the room at high velocities but without the resisdents of the room feeling it. Plus there are holes present in the ceiling which is clear evidence of the victims trying to escape.

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