Fred submarine

What... how do you start it? Well, it starts with a Blue Meanie attack! And if theres no Blue Meanies in the neighbourhood, then you uhm... start looking for a switch...

-Uhh... hagakika, wuudicock, MUSIC and the fallidown prown pedutuut deah duh uh SUBMARINE, EXPLOSIONS gygugok BLUE MEAAAANIIIIIES!-

-Old Fred's incredilby well-thought out and incredibly well-executed distress call-

Old/Young Fred (depending on the age of whoever is adressing him relating to his own age) is a possibly senile Submarine Captain who wants to defend his doomed hometown of Pepperland from the Blue Meanies.

He swims around the seven seas in a Yellow Submarine looking for random people to take up into his 'help squad', since the Lord Mayor told him to 'get help' when Pepperland was attacked. In fact, Fred was the first to notice the attack on Pepperland by the Blue Meanines. He attempted to aid the Mayor whilst he was playing his Mayoral Quartet, by running up to him and saying 'The Meanines are coming! ARRGH!'

The Mayor simply said 'FInish the Quartet!' so Old Fred had to take over from the Mayor's other three musicians in turn as they were turned to stone by the Meanines. He was then told to ride in the Submarine by the Mayor and had to carry him across a field. In the meantime, some twisted clowns chased the other residents of Pepperland away.

As the Mayor played his fiddle, OId Fred escaped in the Sub and began recruiting 'help'. 'Help' took the form of a furry rodent man, a purple elephant, The Beatles and a vaccum cleaner.

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