Ormskirk mist - ruff wood

Ormskirk Mist in Ruff Wood

The Ormskirk Mist is a weather pattern surrounding the quiant little town of Ormskirk. League Historian Ay Jay Pee Taylor has done a lot of research on the Ormskirk Mist, and this extract is from one of his reports:

"The Theory is that Ormskirk is surrounded by a mist which can shift the objects according to an outsiders perception. So if someone from ormskirk goes into the mist he or she will be on a normal road, however if an outsider does he or she will be blocked by a hedge or some other obstacle. The mist expels goats as guards to take down intruders and it just bends space and time. The rules of physics fall apart."

-Ay Jay Pee Taylor, League Historian-

Many have attempted to determine the origin or purpose of this docile defense system that surrounds Ormskirk, but all have been unsuccessful. Only four heroes have ever dared enter the mist and return with their sanity, as detailed in the powerful legend entitled 'The Quest for the Tower of Mist-Ery'.

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