'Evil' Otto waits to attack...

Otto, or 'Evil Otto' is a creepy entity who has no purpose in life but to creep around a maze, rather like another small circular thing. He basically bounces around in a maze waiting for some unfortunate soul to enter it, only for him to then ruthlessly chase them down to get them out. He leads a lonely existance, and gets occasional kicks by scaring the crap out of people by jumping out at them from behind things, in some cases giving them a heart attack!

His appearance may suggest the personality of a perfectly ordinary dude, but in reality he is a cold-hearted killer. However, recent reports say he has renounced his murderous ways in favour of a quieter life. He could snap at any moment though, so people generally tend to avoid him. He was never imprisoned for his crimes, and several campaigners have long protested against him walking free. As the people who hate him converge around his hiding spot, Otto would stare out of the window, with a constant smile on his face. And still, he walks free...

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