Some other members of the Pantheon, the Whispermen

The Pantheon of Dischord are a group of weirdos created by Anarkhos and lead by Tricky Tricky. Their overall goal is to cause as much chaos as possible, which causes trouble for the Doctor and his pals. the Pantheon have also had direct rivalry with the Maths Mafia for two reasons, one because of the fact that they both want to destroy all life and rule the universe and two because of the fact that Emewafwawa hates anything dischordal. 

Tricky Tricky leads the main members of the Pantheon, aka the 'Whispermen', but other races have joined the Pantheon since.


Tricky Tricky at a Pantheon gathering

The Pantheon have the ability to travel around space and time and pretty much do anything they wish to muck up reality in any way possible, due to their position as minions of the powerful son of ArceusAnarkhos. They enjoy causing chaos and anything that causes any kind of displacement of time or reality is food to them. Due to Anarkhos' power, they are afforded some protection from the might of the League, but they are not immortal and despite their dark magic, can still be killed (Similar to The Demon of The Abyss), though it would be difficult to do so.

However, their effect on time is limited to how much damage they can cause without alerting the Pantheon of the League to their dealings, because, as Giratina demonstrated during the Battle of the Distortion World, minions of godlike creatures are no match for the Gods themselves.

Possible Members of the PantheonEdit

Apart from the obvious Dischord creatures like Tricky Tricky and the Whispermen, there are several other time-space-messup creatures that have sworn association with the Dischordal Disciples:

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