A group of Parallel Cybermen with their failure of a Leader

Parallel Cybermen are Cybermen that hail from a parallel version of Earth from a parallel universe. They were driven off the planet by the Humans there and eventually crossed the Abyss to upgrade our universe. They fought the Daleks in the Dalek-Cyberman War and were defeated, and what was left of them was pulled into the Abyss and destroyed. All that remains of these Cybermen are the Cybermen built in our universe, the Cyberman Remnant.

In their universe, rather than evolving slowly from a humanoid race on a twin planet to Earth, these Cybermen were instead created by an insane human called John Lumic. He wanted to create a race that would never age, never die, and more importantly, never go extinct.

  • John Lumic with his Cybermen
  • The upgraded form of Lumic, the Cyber Controller
John Lumic suffered from a life-threatening disease that limited his ability to move, conining him to a wheelchair. He wanted to be upgraded into a Cyberman himself, but only once all his work was complete. He would have suceeded in upgrading the whole world, if the Doctor had not been there by pure fluke. He was able to limit the development of the Cybermen and destroy their new-found Cyber-Controller (actually an upgraded Lumic). However, within three years (in parallel time) the Cybermen were able to cross over to our universe and wreck havoc. Had the Daleks not been around already wrecking a havoc of their own, the Cybermen may have upgraded the unprepared Earth. As it happens, the Daleks kicked the bolts off the Cybermen and they were all pulled into the Void between Universes by the Doctor.

The Parallel Cybermen still existed however, because of a simple yet effective way of imprinting their existance on our world. Only life forms that had travelled through the Void could be pulled back in, so the Cybermen that were created from our universe using resources from our universe remained, being called the Cyberman Remnant.

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