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A member of the First Civilization, using the Apple to control humans

The Pieces of Eden were technologically advanced pieces of equipment created by the First Civilization/ The ones who came before, for various purposes. They created a variety of different types and a brief description of each piece is listed below: 

  • Apples- This was the most important type as it allowed for mind-control/ brainwashing of most life-forms in the known universe
  • Staff- This was again a piece which was used for mind-control but it was also capable to moving objects. The apple and staff could be combined, which amplifys both ther effects.
  • Shroud- This was, as you can tell by the name, a shroud which when worn, would heal all wounds sustained by the person.
  • Ankh- This was a piece of eden which looked like the egyptian hieroglyph for life, and was able to resurrect people from the dead.
  • Sword- a piece which when given to the ordinary pleb would make them the ideal commander. There fighting skills would be greatly increased and most people would follow them to their deaths.
  • Crystal skulls- These pieces are made of pure crystal and allow for telepathic communication between anyone who would be wielding one of the many skulls. The transmissions are untraceable.
  • Shard- a ring which would generate a shield which would deflect any metal objects, great for just running through enemies.
  • Crystal balls- these looked like the balls that psychics use, however they actually work as shamans of  america would use them to communicate directly with members of the First Civilisation
  • Grand Temple Key- This was an amulet which when combined with three other artifacts, allowed the user to access the Grand Temple of the First Civilisation

Currently, all the Pieces of Eden are stored in a high-sercurity Vault located deep within The Leagues territory and is only to be used in times of emergency and only by the league members as it is too powerful for the ordinary lifeform.

  • The Grand Temple Key
  • A shaman using the Crystal Ball
  • The Shard of Eden
  • Ezio wielding the Apple of Eden
  • The Staff of Eden combined with the Apple
  • The Ankh
  • The Sword of Eden

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