Porkie using Maths Bending

Porkie is a deranged member of the Maths Mafia. He is a Maths Bender, meaning he can draw upon the powers of pure Maths to physically assault his foes. Keeper of Minas Maths, Porkie was right-hand man to The Demon of the Abyss and Poundington, and was in command of the castle's defence.

He is bullied by the other members of the Mafia, especially the leaders. His power is nothing compared to the likes of the Demon and Poundington, despite his ability to Maths Bend. It is for this reason that the other members of the Mafia beat him up and tease him since he is quite the failure.

He was believed to have been killed during the Fall of the Maths Mafia along with the 60 or so more who lost their lives during Emewafwawa's insurrection against the Mafia, however, it was later revealed that he did in fact survive - only to be ruthlessly hunted down and murdered by Princeps autem Consolus in the Duel of Minas Maths, as he wronged the Console long ago by stealing Maths Bending powers.

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