A drawing of what Precursors are said to look like

Precursors were the first race to achieve space-faring technology in the known universe. They originated from the Flood Galaxy billions of years before the League was even establised, and were apparently created by Palkia. Like the Forerunners that succeeded them, the Precursors decided that they were responsible for taking care of everything in the Galaxy but they soon realised that, no matter how hard you try, there will always be conflict, strife, famine, pain, disease and death.

They initially attempted to create a race that were designed to assimilate every other race into a massive cybernetic collective, which they called the 'Cyborg' race. This plan did not entirely work, however, as the race that they created using specimens taken from all over the Galaxy decided that they were superior to the race that created them, and they broke free of the Precursor Laboratories and became the Galactic Scourge that the people of the League now know as the Borg.

The Precursors therefore decided to adapt themselves, and assimilate everything in the universe into their own collective, meaning there will be no hardships and everyone will think and work together, solely for the advancement of the species. They adapted, changing their DNA structure and fusing themselves together to form Gravespeare, and he in turn created the Precursors gift to the Galaxy, the ultimate species, the cleansing flame that will burn away strife, pain, disease, famine, crime and hate. This species was... The Flood.

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