Pretzel King dances for his Grunty pals.

Pretzel King was leader of the Heretics, and a friend of Guilty Guilty. He led the Heretics from their establishment until their apparent defeat, during which he made living conditions for his forces very good. He convinced swathes of the Covenant Army to join his side, and was deemed public enemy number one by the Prophet Hierarchs.

He was killed by the Arbiter shortly after during the Threshold Gas Mine Incident, during which he accidently unleashed the Flood in the Gas Mine, and the Arbiter had to fight through Sentinels, Heretics and Flood to reach the King. Once the Arbiter had slain the King, his body was tossed into the malestrom below the Gas Mine and the Arbiter declared victory. The Arbiter then cut the cable to the Gas Mine, plunging it into the Gas Giant of Threshold and killing all the Flood aboard. The remaining Heretics camped out on a nearby moon until the oppurtunity arose for them to join the Covenant Seperatists.

Pretzel was the only member of the Heretic faction to retain certain levels of Covenant technology in combat. While most Heretics switched to Carbines, Needlers and thieir own customised armour, Pretzel kept a Covenant jetpack and his own personal Plasma Rifles, which he used to great effect against both the Covenant and the Flood. Pretzel also utilised several Holo-Drones, which projected holographic versions of Pretzel that aided him in combat, however they were of limited intelligence as they were originally designed for delivering messages, not for combat.

Apparently, Pretzel King was an ex-member of Da E1337 Biker Boyz.

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