The twisted, soul-less figure of Prince Wannabe II

Prince Wannabe II is a monumental freak who set an example as being one of the most pathetic people in the whole of League history. He was deceived by King Wannabe I, who told him that if he used nefarious means to help Wannabe I into power then Wannabe II would be next in line for the throne.

Being a complete retard, Wannabe II accepted this dodgy deal and was soon shunned by the newly crowned King and their deal supposedly forgotten. Wannabe II now desperatly tries to cling to what little power remains to him, not even being allowed into many of the King's courts and ruling sessions. Wannabe II was last seen being put in charge of the environmental department of the King's government, which basically means he's lost his job.

During the formation of the Quad, Prince Wannabe lost heart and died. His corpse was hastily reanimated by King Wannabe's staff to prevent panic, and the corpse version of Prince Wannabe served the Quad for four years until 2014 PLF. He was promoted to the position King Wannabe's right hand man at one point, but that post was soon usurped by Prince George the Failure. After some time, the corpse Wannabe began to decompose, so the Quad disposed of him entirely and replaced him with an Auton duplicate. A strange trait with the corpse Wannabe is that he was always crying, like his true consciousness was somehow still alive inside the dead puppet and was showing immense remose at the actions of the Quad. During the Battle of Parliament, Wannabe II's corpse was rolled out once again but this time it was biomechanically converted into the twisted CleggFrogg, which went insane and killed almost everyone until it was finally destroyed.

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