Dont mess with her. Shes got a gun. She'll shoot you. Then run away.

Princess Leia is a leader of the Rebel Alliance and daughter of Darth Vader. She is technically a Jedi but she doesn't learn of her skill until after the Galactic Civil War, leaving everyting to her brother Luke until the problem is over. Along with Admiral Ackbar and Mon Mothma, she goes on to re-establish the Galactic Republic after the fall of the Empire.

The Rebel Alliance uniform revamp scheme didn't go entirely to plan, but Jabba paid a lot of money for that designer to create the uniform so Leia felt obliged to model them anyway.

She also has several other jobs all over the Galaxy, like modelling for Jabba the Hutt, being a waitress on Bespin, a teddy bear tamer on Endor, a mechanic in some asteroid monster, a singer on Yavin 4, a hairdresser on Alderaan and a Senator on Coruscant.

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