Prophet of mercy

Mercy giving some stupid advice to no-one

Prophet of Mercy
The Prophet of Mercy, along with Truth and Regret, was one of three hierarchs of the Covenant and also the oldest member of the whole empire. He was known among his peers as a pointless, useless, withered old idiot who has done basically nothing other than rant at the poor Elites. His presence makes you kind of feel sorry for what Regret and Truth had to put up with.

He was, however, an accomplished storyteller and often hosted Grunty Evenings from which Jorgey got his inspiration. They consisted of a selection of Grunts gathered around a small camp fire, while Mercy shared his experiences of life as a Prophet. Only the most honoured of Grunts were selected for this ceremony and so Jorgey uses it as a form of praise.


The withered failure preaches to his pathetic band of followers

Mercy died when he was attacked by a single Flood infection form. This was pathetic enough, but what made it worse was that he fought it for hours after Truth abandoned him. Tartarus was going to save him but Truth told him not to, and the stupid ape got confused so forgot what he was doing and walked away. Mercy gave away all Truth's secrets to Johnny before he died.

Truth rejoiced and laughed at how pathetic the situation was, even he could kill one infection form. Poor Mercy was then left on High Charity throughout the remaining days of its life, before his corpse was discovered by Gravespeare and donated to the League Museum of Unnatural History. Mercy's dessicated body resides there now, a corpse for all to see and laugh at.

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