The Prophet of Objection was an early Prophet who was one of the few Prophets who actually lived up to his name. He would object to things... a lot.

He somehow achieved High Prophet status during the Covenant's first (and only) Age of Insanity in 1500 PLF. He went completely insane and started objecting at everything, even his own decrees. The situation got so out of hand that an Arbiter was created to help aid the Prophet in running the Covenant, that was rapidly going out of control. The Arbiter ended up assassinating the High Prophet due to sheer rage at his idiocy, and then killed himself out of shame.

The Prophet's ghost now haunts High Charity and drove Prophet of Truth mad as well. Objection convinced Truth that the Covenant religion was right, and whenever anyone tried to tell Truth otherwise, even 032 Mendicant Bias, Objection would whisper in Truth's ear 'Objection! Objection! Objection!'

After Truth's death it is unknown what happened to Objection. He may have finally been put to rest or perhaps he now stalks some other poor soul, twisting their minds to his devious ends....

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