Prophet of truth

Truth in a healthy state, back when he had access to his High Charity Pot

Prophet of Truth
The Prophet of Truth was leader of the Covenant before Jorgey. He led the Covenant to a disastrous defeat in the Human-Covenant War, however he has some awesome quotes, as seen in the video below.

As a political mastermind, Truth engineered the ascension of himself and his Brute Buddies into Covenant leadership, and orchestrated the war on the Human Race. He was also responsible for the betrayal of the Elites by the Brutes, which was a bad move since this contributed to his inevitable downfall. Truth was seen by many in the Covenant as a demi-god, but the Elites saw through this ruse and sided with the Humans after much turmoil.

Truth h3

Truth rants on and on... and on...

Truth ODST

Truth's attempt at a Troll Face, shortly after getting his buddy Regret murdered.

Truth was a beloved leader with a really wheezy voice, unlike his counterpart Regret who sounds pretty camp, or did sound before he was brutally punched to death by Johnny. Truth seemed to have a camp voice at first, but it strangely changed to a wheezy voice as soon as he left High Charity. Rumour has it that he was on drugs, and all the drugs were left on High Charity, meaning the withdrawal symptoms caused terrible side effects. For a start, he doesn't seem to be able to move at all, whereas his drug-addled self could move perfectly. Not only that, but he is incredibly weak. In fact, simply firing a Spiker round makes him backflip over the back of his throne due to recoil.
Truth dies

Truth is gouged to death by Arby

Just before Truth was slowly gouged to death by Arby, during the Voice of the Covenant speech, he exhibited a very peculiar trait. His head appeared to be able to detach and fly away. It did this by first spinning around remarkably fast and then detaching from his body. It then proceeded to smash through the roof of the Citadel, go through the portal to The Ark, after smashing through the Halo Ring, splitting it in two, and smashed through the bottom of Cairo Station. The head then appeared before the almighty Lord Hood and bit his rather oversized nose off. He then retraced his steps and landed back on the Truth body. However it was the wrong way around. Because of this the Truth body detached the head again and fitted it back on. This scene, however, was cut from the film and so does not appear in the clip below.

Youtube Clip

The Top 10 Prophet Lines06:27

The Top 10 Prophet Lines

Truthy has some lines here

Animation Practice - Truth's Rant (Work in Progress??)00:40

Animation Practice - Truth's Rant (Work in Progress??)

A shaved Mole Man impersonates Truth

Halo 3 Cutscenes - 16 - "The Covenant Two Betrayals"02:38

Halo 3 Cutscenes - 16 - "The Covenant Two Betrayals"

Halo 3 ODST Cutscenes - Legendary Ending01:02

Halo 3 ODST Cutscenes - Legendary Ending

Truth checks on his Engineer buddies

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