They do love their food...

The Protheans are a race of really racist, creepy, Forerunner lookalikes with African accents. They were around quite a while ago before being almost wiped out by a gang of Giant Robotic Squids.

Recently they have flourished since joining The League. Unfortunately for them, they are viewed as gods by the Hanar and so many Protheans tend to avoid sections or planets which have Hanar dwelling there. Despite having been driven to near extinction by the Rapers, the two races seem to have peaceful relations at present for some reason or other. Probably since they both share a love of other race's organs and insides.

Protheans also have a mysterious connection to the Force, able to impart knowledge and memories with a single touch. They can also learn with a single touch too, and because of this they were the League's premier translators before the invention of Neural Translation Implants. 

The Protheans are extremely racist and cruel. One of their many punishments involved burying deserters in the desert (how humorous of them), with the sand up to their necks, and then releasing deadly creatures to eat them alive. Fun!

They also tended to visit the planets of not very developed species and eat them as delicacies, such as Salarian Liver. As a result of this, they are very fond of Jorgey's Grunty Soup and so are the main customers of Jorgey's Resaurant Chain.