A Prowler, Creepy little thing

Race Name - The Prowlers
Homeworld - Daaaaaadum (Destroyed)
Current Homeworld - Earth
Leader: Grand Creeper (Dead) 
Acting Leader: The Creepy Creeper (Only sane surviving member old enough to lead the species)
Species Hierarchy:
Grand Creeper Species Description:
Creepy Creeper

The Creepy Creeper on the prowl, as painted by Ay Jay Pee Taylor, League Historian

Relatively Humaonid but with huge heads and long limbs, the Prowlers were a warlike race of spies and saboteurs. They could walk very far and fast over any terrain and could withstand any temperature. They are one of the fastest races in the galaxy, and can walk from pole to pole of a planet in one step when fully grown. The Prowlers appear different depending on what dimension they are in. For example, in the land of Nowhere they look like discoloured, armed Creepers. They also cannot be drawn or pictured, instead they appear distorted, blocky and green, with weird mouths. Because of this, the 'Creeper' has become a cult icon. What a shame.
Species History:
The Prowlers were a leading facilitator race in The League, but when a galaxy-wide recession meant that their authority was in jeaprody, they eagerly looked to the cause. The galaxy's leading economists, The Money Spiders, had hoarded all the galaxy's wealth and, in response, the Prowlers declared war on them. At first, the war went well, but soon the Money Spiders began to learn how to fight properly and the Prowlers were pushed back. Their homeworld of Daaaaaaaaaadum had suffered volcanic devastation after multiple meteorites collided with the South Pole, so the Prowlers were willing to sacrifice their useless homeworld to win the war.
But, in a last-ditch attempt at victory, the Money Spiders detonated a bomb in their planet of Economyington, prematurely destroying Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadum before evacuation had begun. Only two memebers of each species survived. The Prowlers are now rebuilding their race on Earth, through cloning and gene modification.
Their race is now a hundred strong, but they are focusing their attention on the remaining Money Spiders over anything else. They hope that there is a colony of surviving Prowlers on Beta-Twenty-One, the next planet on from their own. They hope to find and intergrate this colony and eventually rebuild their race to its former glory. Once this is done and their enemies, the money spiders, are truly extinct, they will rise up and take their rightful place in The League once again as peacekeepers.