Quarians and cat

Two Quarians strangling a cat.

The Quarians are a race of Immigrants who fly around the Galaxy in a giant fleet doing absolutely nothing productive. Instead they fly to planets and steal hard-working citizens' jobs. They also strip-mine everything in the system before they leave. It is because of these traits that the Quarians are known Galaxy-wide as a bunch of assholes, hated even more than Humans. Wow.

Another thing they did is to create a race of robot slaves and then tried to wipe them out simply for asking how to do something. They used to live on a Giant Garden but their Gethies took it off them. Ha. They had to wear suits from then on becuase they have failed immune systems as a result of their home planet being devoid of insect life. How unfourtunate for them. They are very afraid of nasty germs and so an easy way to terrify a Quarian while onboard one of their ships is to simply threaten to breath without a mask. The thought will have Quarians quaking in uncontrollable terror and they will undoubtably bow to your every command.

On top of this, they also whine at everything that goes wrong and blame it on everyone else. Hmm.... sounds familiar. Their leadership isn't exactly great either... Just look at this guy.