Quelling of the Protheans

Protheans were also forced to fight the ancestor of the modern Drone during the war.


50,000 years ago-49,893 years ago


The Milky Way


Decisive Reaper Victory

  • Protheans almost wiped out
  • Many Protheans turned into Collectors




Unknown Prothean Emperors

  • Billions of Reaper Destroyers
  • Thousands of Capital Ships
  • Trillions of Mindless Husks
  • Billions of Prothean Foot Soldiers
  • Thousands of Ships
  • Subjugated lesser species


  • Thousands of Destoyers
  • Hundreds of Capital Ships
  • Billions of Mindless Husks

Very Heavy

  • Billions of Foot Soldiers
  • Thousands of ships
  • All lesser species
Civilian casualties
  • Most of the Prothean Population
  • All lesser species

The Quelling of the Protheans was a war between the Protheans and The Reapers. The Protheans were almost wiped out as a result of this war, and the few surviving members of the race were forced into hiding.

The Reapers attacked using their usual tactics of the epic revelation that the center of Government is actually a big teleporter, followed by a mass transportation, then stealing navigation data for every planet, than attacking them all in turn.

The Protheans were too busy snacking on Grunt Bladder and Forerunner Intestine that they didn't even notice the Reapers were attacking until it was too late.

Despite this event, which happened 50,000 years ago, Protheans and Reapers in the present day enjoy cool, if tense, diplomatic relations.

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