R3-S6, nicknamed 'Goldie', was an Astromech Droid in the service of the Galactic Republic during the Clone War. He was reprogrammed by the CIS to work as a spy, and he ensured that every plan set into action by Anakin Skywalker always failed. Eventually, R2-D2 caught onto this and dueled his rival droid after witnessing him visually communicating with CIS leader General Grievous. R2 and R3 battled on the outside of a floating mining colony on a gas planet whilst the Republic forces carried out a mission there. After a lengthy duel, R2 splattered R3 with oil and toppled him over the edge and down into the clouds, however, R3 shot a grappling hook at R2 to pull him down too. Thinking fast, R2 cut the rope with his buzz saw and threw R3 down to be destroyed amongst the raining debris of a CIS ship.

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