R5-D4 was an Astromech Droid living on Tatooine in the possession of some Jawas. He was bought from the Jawas by Luke Skywalker but exploded on the way to his house, thanks to shoddy Jawa engineering. Luke therefore bought R2-D2 instead, as well as C-3PO. R5-D4 was taken back inside the Jawa Sandcrawler to be repaired.

The repairs never came, however, as the Jawa Sandcrawler was later attacked by Stormtroopers and all the Jawas aboard were killed. R5-D4 was ignored by the troops and remained inside the rotting wreck for many years. After many raids on the Crawler by Tuskens, Smugglers, Bandits and Bounty Hunters, R5-D4 was still left. However, he was later reactivated by an old hermit, nearly 60 years after his accidental destruction and was taken from the Crawler to a Village on Tatooine. There, he stowed aboard a ship bound for Coruscant and decided to take his revenge on the institution which had failed to protect his basic rights as a living thing. Good on him.

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