Operation: CRESCENDO


Duel of the Scots

{{{Raid on the Crypt}}}

War on the Maths Mafia


2010 PLF




Emewafwawa Victory

  • Emewafwawa Slays Virtuoso
  • Maths Mafia weakened

Emewafwawa's Music Brigade

Virtuoso's Music Crusaders

Maths Mafia


  • Emewafwawa
  • Clarinet Honour Guard (Clarinets)
  • Virtuoso
  • Drez Bro Dude A
  • Pudbars
  • 2 Clarinet Honour Guards
  • Virtuoso
  • Bankington
  • Kane
  • None (Fled)

The Raid on the Crypt was a conflict that occured in the Crypt of the Revenant. The fight was between Virtuoso and Emewafwawa, and Drez Bro Dude A was caught in the crossfire.

When Emewafwawa visited the Revenant to finally open the Chamber of Music, Virtuoso sprung out and attacked him. Bankington, a creature that stirred within the Crypt, lashed out against the musical duo and caused a minor tremor in the floors above. This caused Drez Bro Dude A to wonder what was going on.

She descended into the Crypt and came face to face with Kane. He jibbered and ran away, but Drez was too fast and doused him in blue paint, which seared his flesh and rendered him dead. Meanwhile, Bankington, Emewafwawa and Virtuoso were locked in a three-way battle. Virtuoso was knocked into a wall and was seen by Drez, who hated all forms of Music that were not D'Ethic, so she immidietly attacked Virtuoso and the fight became a four-way brawl.


Emewafwawa slays Virtuoso, ending a feud that had lasted years

Emewafwawa slashed Bankington across the face with a clarinet, blinding him. Bankington, stumbling around and screaming, soon fell off a ledge and his crumpled, broken, twisted body hit the floor miles below, crushing his beloved seismograph and killing him instantly. Meanwhile, Drez and Virtuoso were still in combat. Drez rocked out with an electric guitar and deafened Virtuoso, and from the shadows Emewafwawa came up behind him and impaled him with a Violin Bow, ending his life.

With Bankington and Kane dead, Emewafwawa knew the raid had its consequences. However, Virtuoso had been successfully destroyed and although Emewafwawa could not attack the rockin' Drez, who later fled, he still knew that he was one step closer to becoming the controller of all Music....

However, the death of the Bankington had deep resonance in Poundington, who loathed Emewafwawa after this and attempted many times to kill him, particularly after his rebellion against the Mafia following the Battle of Minas Music.

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