Sood's ship enters Inon II's atmosphere

The Raid on the Museum of Unnatural History was an event that occured after Sood realised that the Museum of Unnatural History had endangered its entire store of priceless pictures and artifacts by allowing an Object to be contained within the museum. Knowing that holding an Object was "Daaaangerous Businessss....", Sood gathered up his bodyguards and decided to steal the Object from the Museum.


Sood infiltrates the Museum with his chums

They flew into Inon II's atmosphere in a stolen ambassador ship and were granted immidiet docking permission into the Museum. Once they disembarked, the Captain of the ship reported to Sood that all the men were in position, and he asked what they should do should anyone attempt to prevent them from reaching their goal. Turning dramatically, Sood drew his banana gun and said simply: "Kill Them."

However, it did not come to this as most of the Museum staff and visitors fled as soon as they saw the armoured unit. Sood himself disembarked the ship and personally oversaw the removal of the Object, a ball-point Pen, from the Museum. It was safely transported back to Earth and away from the League capital. In the meantime, the whole coup was covered up as a stunt performed by an arts group, and the League insisted that nothing was stolen from the Museum and that the Object exhibit was still in a fair condition. When Sood heard about this as he was playing chase the ace back on Earth he said "Little less fair now..."

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