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Raxus Prime, the big bin.

Raxus Prime is a planet far out from the Galactic Center of the Force Galaxy, which was designated a rubbish tip for everyone in the Galaxy. The entire planet's landscape is made up of the hulls of rotting starships, ruined buildings and endless piles of space junk.

The planets atmosphere is acrid and hostile, but some species still call Raxus Prime their home. Not only that, some Humans even live here, taking advantage of the abundance of scrap metal, selling it off to big companies. The rusted hulks of ancient starships became the home for the scavengers and junk dealers that lived there. For example, the wreck of the Executor ended up on Raxus Prime, and became home to a colony of Jawas. Upcyclites also enjoy the festering world of Raxus Prime, as there is plenty to upcycle.

Raxus Prime was very close to being glassed when the Geth Terminator took shelter there. The Geths repented, however, when they realised that the planet was home to a small population. Instead they sent down many strike teams, the last of which was finnaly able to bring the Terminator down.

Raxus Prime's original terrain remains unknown, its original inhabitants ruined the planets ecosystem and made it elligible for a rubbish tip planet. However, centuries after the Galactic Civil War and the Geth Terminator incident, the planet was terraformed, and the acrid atmosphere and acidic lakes were melted away to make room for new life. The huge amounts of rubbish on the world were buried and decomposed, and new life began to live there at last.

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