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Reachites in Full Battle-Armour.

Reachites were a race of beings that lived on New Reach, and were created from their founder, Jorgey, in 2560 PLF. They were created when the Composer was used on Jorgey following the creation of New Reach in the opening days of Jorgey's Master Plan, and looked like ordinary Humans. Reachites have voices that sound exactly like Jorgey's.

When dressed in battle armour they look identical to Spartan Mark Vs. However, they have no mechanical implants or alterations. Despite this, the Galactic Council still believe the Reachites to be abominations because they are genetically created from a machine, and this formed the foundations of the Galactic Council-Reachite War.

After the war, the Reachite fleet was confiscated by the League and they became a peaceful species living in harmony with their neighbours on New Reach. They still like hunting Moa, however, so they're not popular at the PETA headquarters.

In the long run, the Reachites of New Reach and the Grunts of New Reach lived in harmony for nearly five thousand years until the Grunts eventually moved away from New Reach.