Alliance Starbird

The Emblem of the Rebel Alliance.


A segment of the Rebel Fleet, led by Admiral Ackbar

The Rebel Alliance was an organization set up to destroy the Galactic Empire. It had a notable fleet that often beat the hyperdrive out of the average Imperial Ship, and their soldiers were not to be messed with. They also had the might of the Jedi on their side and, after just twenty years in power, the Galactic Empire was crushed by the same force that had drive the Republic - peace.

The Rebel Alliance had many bases throughout the Galaxy, on planets like Hoth, Dac and Sullust. After they had achieved their goal, the Rebel Alliace was disbanded and reformed intot the Galactic Republic once again.

Members of the Rebel AllianceEdit

Starships of the Rebel AllianceEdit

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