A Reborn growling at you

Reborn are a bunch of failed wannabe Sith who were created by Desann. Basically, anyone who wanted to be a Sith but didn't have the Force would go to Desann. He would set up his stall in the market square of planets and go 'Wannabe Sith? Want no more! Desann has a great deal for YOOOOU'

He would embue them with artificial force powers, but at a price. Firstly, their IQ dropped by about 87%. Secondly, they would have to serve him forever. And Thirdly, they would eventually wither away and die. Oddly, thousands signed up, apparently. They all received crappy combat training and were then let lose against Luke Skywalker's Jedi on Yavin IV. They have a habit of hiding in corners waiting for someone to pop up. And when they do, the Reborn usually die. Unless they're these guys.

They all got wiped out by Kyle Katarn and any that didn't got killed by Kyle Katarn's Jedi Sentinels. What a bunch of failures. Not only that, but their lightsabers didn't even work properly. The few that were granted invisibility had camo that wouldn't fool a sleepy Grunt, and those who did have shields could still be killed in one shot of any weapon.

Youtube Clip

How to kill Reborn with all weapons in Star Wars Jedi Knight 2 Jedi Outcast02:01

How to kill Reborn with all weapons in Star Wars Jedi Knight 2 Jedi Outcast

Proof of how Reborn Fail no matter what weapons or techniques you use against them

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