Red Dwarf in flight

Red Dwarf is a giant mining ship that was stranded 3 million years into the dark space. One of the only Humans ever to leave League territory alive is housed on board, as well as a hologram of his friend/enemy, a super-evolved cat and a malfuctioning android. The ship's computer, Holly, put the ship on a random course after a radiation leak wiped out all of the crew except for Dave Lister who was in stasis at the time. From what we know about apparently randomly selected destinations its odd that they didn't come across a Halo Installation.

The ship itself is huge and has on board many different forms of technology, including teleporters, time machines and ray guns. The ship also has an endless supply of fuel since it runs on hydrogen, and the food supplies on board last for 30,000 years.It also has several shuttlecraft types: Blue Midget, which never work, Starbug, which works but really shouldn't, and White Giant, which works but only when its not crashing into asteroids.


Red Dwarf blows up

After nearly 10 years of flying through space, the crew finally left the Dark Space and entered League territory. However, they still had a long way to go before they could reach Earth. They met many strange creatures on their journey and even lost Red Dwarf along the way, but eventually recovered it. They used nano-technology to constantly improve Red Dwarf, adding more features as well as weapons and shields. After 20 years of flight it was almost unrecognisable from its original form, especially since the superstructure of the ship was constantly changing. At one point, the entire of Red Dwarf exploded ina  freak accident when they attempted to copy Red Dwarf using a triplicator. The crew were able to restore the Dwarf by fusing the two copies, however.

Red Dwarf was also attacked by simulants, a Polymorph, a corrosive microbe, a rogue asteroid, a futuristic self-declared judger of the entire universe, GELFS, Psirens, a crazy rogue AI, evil duplicates of the crew, a White Hole and even a mechanoid battleship.

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