Hmm... the resemblance is uncanny...

The Revenant is a beast that resides in a ruined Chapel, surrounded by the stone faces of its victims. However, her real base of operations is in a massive, brown and black church with no clock and an extensive graveyard...

The creature hates light and cowers in a magic Light Bulb during the day, but at night the creature is free to roam as it pleases...

It has struck up a reluctant deal with another equally terrifying creature, the Bankington, and they both occupy chambers in the expansive Crypt of the ruined Chapel.

After being destroyed during the Fall of the Maths Mafia, it appeared as though the Revenant was dead. However, she merely lost her current body, and survived in the form of a spirit.

Her and fellow witches Ginger Menace and Galadriel often meet up to swap potions and spells, and bitch about members of government.

She was finally captured by Shirazzle Dazzle at the conclusion of the War of the Blue Oblivion, after she attempted to stage of coup to control the League. She was forced back to her new fortress of Minas Cahnon after attemping to hide 'The Governers', a Separatist Entity within the League, and Shirazzle entered her realm of the Blue Oblivion and trapped her within a Crystal Ball.

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