The Battle of the Star Forge concluded the Rise of Trask Ulgo.

'Rise of Trask Ulgo' is a name commonly given to the events immediately following the attack on the Endar Spire that lead up to the fall of the Sith Empire at the hands of Rarth Devan. It is named by a freak from Alderaan gifted with The Sight, the ablility to see through disguise. This allowed him to see that Trask Ulgo actually guided Rarth Devan throughout his quest to create the Travel Guide, under the disguise of Bandy.


The Rise of Trask Ulgo is known more commonly throughout the Force Galaxy as the Jedi Civil War, so named because the perpetrators, Darth Revan and Darth Malak, were former Jedi who betrayed the order and joined the Sith, convincing many Jedi to follow them. Whilst the war and the events preceeding it were believed to have been eventually resolved by the redeemed Darth Revan, who was revealed to be Rarth Devan in a shocking turn of events, it was later revealed that the Devan was aided heavily by a disguised Trask Ulgo. Following this discovery, history books were re-written and students in the League are now taught about the might and the wit of Trask.

The Rise of Trask Ulgo eventually lead to the Battle of the Star Forge above Rataka Prime, in which the space station was destroyed by Devan's Circus during a routine rehearsal for the night's show. Events of the Rise of Trask Ulgo also took place on Tatooine, Kashyyyk, Korriban and Manaan, with the Sith also attacking and destroying settlements on Taris and Dantooine. Trask monitored Devan's progress throughout the war in a variety of ways, including the Bandy disguise, a remote controlled droid called T3-H8 and a rebuilt sentient version called 3C-FD.

For a long time, Trask went uncredited for his work. With Trask being honorable and preferring to stay in the shadows, he allowed Rarth to claim the glory for the victory in this campiagn. Apart from anything else, it was Rarth who dueled and killed Darth Malak as he tried to kick him off the station. Trask simply acted as a facilitator to make sure that Rarth succeeded.

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