Robodeves V1

The schematics of Robodeves V1

Robodeves V1 was a creation of a crazy inventor who was the twin brother of Three-Fingered Johnny, who was called Five-Fingered Jackie. Robodeves V1 was originally designed by The Inventor's computer, called P.A.U.L., which built the robot to serve younger version of The Inventor using Time Travel. It was originally a phone that assimilated other phones to improve but it became self-aware and gained a psychopathic personality.

Immediately after creating Robodeves, P.A.U.L. realised that he was utterly insane and wanted to destroy all Humans. Robodeves realised that if he killed the younger version of Five Fingered Jackie, Humanity would be destroyed as his inventions would save their race.P.A.U.L. realised this so he implanted his consciousness into the infant son of The Inventor, who happened to be called Paul, and sent himself back in time to stop the Robot.

Robodeves V1 formed a buddy cop duo with the unknowing Inventor called 'Big and Small'. No-one knows who Big is or who Small is. Robodeves has a time cavity in his chest which he uses to Time Travel, and he can also assimilate electronic devices into himself for no particular reason.

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