SandyMan attempting to use the awkward conversation escape-inator. It's supposed to shoot him through the roof, but the mechanism doesn't work

SandyMan is a member of the Maths Mafia who has retrofitted a teachers spinny chair to incorporate rocket launchers, rocket jets, lasers and a built-in awkward conversation escape-inator.

He lives in the Purchasing Parlour with Burgers and helped him to build the VLE. After his death in the Battle of Stock Castle, Burgers continued his work.

He wheels around on said chair terrorising people with it. He can often be seen using a massive claw to pluck people off the streets and launching them into the sky, and then laughing as they fall to their doom.

It is for this reason that there is a song written about him:

'Who can make the kids cry?

And 'make them very saaaaad?

The Sandy Man Can...'

 It's not a very good song at all.

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