Battle of the Distortion World



{{{Second Battle of Minas Music}}}

The Forces of the Cyber-Legion advance...


War on the Maths Mafia


Late 2015 PLF


Ruins of Minas Music


Victory for the Forces of Good

  • Rogue Goodfella Triad defeated
  • Cyber Army quelled

The Forces of Good:

The Triad's Cyber Army

  • Shirazzle Dazzle
  • The Triad



  • The Triad killed
  • First wave of Cybermen destroyed
  • Cyber Army forced into a retreat
The Second Battle of Minas Music was the final all-out confrontation in the War on the Maths Mafia. Also called the Goodfella Civil War, it consisted of a confrontation between The Triad and the rest of the Forces of Good. After being put in charge of the remains of Minas Music following the First Battle of Minas Music, the Triad became bored. Not satisfied with a simple guard job, he opted for a partial Cyber-Conversion which turned him insane.

Utilizing his newfound Cyberman buddies, he entrenched himself in Minas Music and dared the rest of the League to oppose him. His actions soon attracted the attention of Shirazzle Dazzle and the rest of his gang, who hastened to Minas Music along with the other two Goodfellas to confront the Triad.

After a heated arguement over morales and values, the Triad decided that he had had enough. He pressed a button on his dinky remote and revealed an army of Cybermen, who charged towards the Gang. Shirazzle Dazzle's Bitches managed to destroy several Cybermen and the combat capabilities of Spein and Noiall held them for a time. However, sheer overwhelming numbers soon drove the heroes back. To make matters worse, Strongarm was captured by the Cybermen and Shriazzle Dazzle's Bitches were incapacitated. Pathetic Fallacy also proved the downfall of The Scot, much to the distress of Spein. Triad blew up the Goodfella's ship, the Moderatefella, since he knew exactly where it was hidden.

All seemed lost, until Triad himself opened his bag to pull out a grenade. The mould inside his bag reached out a tentacle and throttled him to death, much to the suprise and alarm of the heroes, who then took advantage of the diversion to cut down the Cyberman front line. With their forces in disarray due to the loss of their leader, the Cybermen soon buckled and retreated. Despite the loss of the few remaining Goodfellas, the Battle was won.

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