Apparently he can remain standing at all times even with wheels for feet

Sideswipe is the designated Autobot ninja. Armed with two oversized blades he takes great pleasure in carving up the carcasses of Decepticons into nice totem poles for when the Autobots win. Unfortunatly for the Decepticons, he also likes doing this when they are still alive too.

He has sliced and diced his way through two of the three Decepticon incursions, replacing poor old Jazz who got himself ripped in half after the first five minues of the very first battle. Apparently he was really torn up about it.

Anyway, Sideswipe alone was able to take down nearly a third of the Decepticon army, with Ironhide, Bumblebee and Optimus Prime taking care of the rest. So, in short, the Autobots won.

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