Betrayal over Inon II


Battle of the Crypt (Blue Oblivion)

{{{Siege of the Soundboard}}}
Siege of the soundboard 2

The Soundlord faces his foes


War of the Blue Oblivion


Early 2019 PLF


The Soundboard


Strategic Revenant Victory

  • SuperNutty killed
  • League Military effectively taken over

Tactical Swords of the Soundboard Victory

  • The Governers revealed
  • Moderatefella repaired

Swords of the Soundboard

The Governers

  • Order of the Soundfellas
  • Townspeople






  • Townspeople
  • Order of the Soundfellas
Shrike II
Son of Shradam

SuperNutty killed

All forces destroyed, townspeople routed

The Siege of the Soundboard was a conflict that occured during the War of the Blue Oblivion between the Swords of the Soundboard and the Revenant's forces. The battle took place in SuperNutty's Soundboard palace, erected not long after the Stythe Wars reached its conclusion.

The Siege began when the Revenant used her spy network to convince outlying towns to march against the Soundboard, tricking them into thinking that the fortress housed many treasures that they could pilfer for their own benefit. Laying siege to the great castle, the townsfolk soon realised something was wrong when the sky began to grow dark and a great shaft of light hit the gates of the Soundboard.

In the meantime, SuperNutty was finalising a review of a particularly bad hard rock/electronic band when he received word from his Soundfellas that the castle was under attack. SuperNutty was conversing with Shrike when a dim red light illuminated the room, and Shrike began spasming and fell to the floor. Bemused, SuperNutty leaned over to take a closer look, and Shrike threw a wallet at him, which narrowly missed and fell out of a nearby window, never to be seen again. Corrupted by the dark forces of the Revenant, the Order of the Soundfellas turned on SuperNutty and attempted to destroy the great Soundboard archive.

Siege of the soundboard

The Revenant attacks the Soundboard

Enraged at their betrayal, SuperNutty went around destroying each and every Soundfella in turn. Tou-Shrets and Son of Shradam fell to the blade, whilst Shrung, Shawker and Sham were electrocuted to death whilst attempting to damage one of the Soundboard's databases. SuperNutty stood against Shrike, Shrike II and Bellshack, and a duel between the four combatants began.

In the meantime, the townsfolk realised that the Revenant had betrayed them, fled the Soundboard castle and contacted the Bound Swords, who arrived at the fortress but were unable to access the main landing pad and had to land outside, meaning they had to run all the way up through the primary structures to reach SuperNutty.

Meanwhile, SuperNutty was holding his own against the Shrikes and Bellshack - he killed Shrike II with a swing of his Soundsword but Shrike parried his next blow and stabbed the Nut in the side. With a bellow of rage, SuperNutty declared Shrike to be a pathetic boy who sits in his room all day and Shrike's systems overloaded, destroying him. However, Bellshack took advantage of the distraction and stabbed SuperNutty through the abdomen.

At that precise moment, Hickory Dickory and the rest of the Bound Swords burst into the room, overpowering Bellshack and tearing him apart. SuperNutty died in Soundboard tower, with his last breath he passed ownership of the Soundboard on to Lesbitrix, who immediately wished he hadn't.

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