Silurian Hunter

Three Silurian Warriors with their face masks on

Silurians are a race of reptillian creatures that lived on Earth long before Humans evolved. They lived during the Silurian era, and constructed massive underground cities and huge starships. They predicted that the Earth would be hit by a massive meteorite that would devastate the surface so they all went into hiding. Some fled the planet, others sealed themselves inside their massive cities for thousands of years.

In approximatly 2100 PLF, the Silurians emerged from their cities on Earth. Despite the initial suprise and alarm, the Humans and the Silurians eventually learned to co-operate and intergrate, however, the majority of the Silurians had left Earth by 2300. However, this was not the first time Silurians had met Humans. The Silurians that fled Earth in spaceships returned to Earth in 1970 PLF and, seeing that it had been overrun by apes, they then proceeded to go ape and threaten to destroy the entire planet. They looked different from the ones sealed in tombs as they had had time to evolve.


A comparison between the Future Silurians (left) and the Earth-bound Silurians (right)

The two species of Silurian never got to meet, however, as the Future Silurians were all destroyed during an invasion of Earth by the Daleks, which was soon thwarted but at the cost of the entire Silurian fleet. Despite this, several Silurian 'Arks' survived, but were left crewless. These were designed to contain and preserve Dinosaur specimens of every kind, and were soon reclaimed and the Dinosaurs were found a new home.

The Silurians that left Earth after their release lacked the 'third eye' that the Future Silurians had, and never seemed to adapt that particular addition. However, they did possess long tongues and deadly stingers. Sadly, after about 3000 years of being free, the Silurian race was deemed officially extinct by the League. The Second Galactic War rendered many species extinct due to the Conquest of the Dalek Empire, and the Silurian Colony Worlds were all razed during the war, finally ending the delicate species for good. Despite many geologists desperatly trying to find evidence of more Silurian colonies on Earth that could contain more Silurians, none were ever found.

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