Skirrid before it was conquered... twice

Skirrid was a lightly-populated Human colony world that was conquered by a massive Yautja fleet during the Yautja Incursions. The League, once again, refused to intervene against the Yautja and the League members cried out for action. Gravespeare took it upon himself to boost the popularity of the Flood, by attacking the planet Skirrid. The Flood utterly annihilated the Yautja and turned Skirrid into a Hive. Unfortunatly, this meant that the Humans could never again reclaim it. This conflict became known as the Yautja-Flood War.

After the war, Gravespeare was not asked to relinquish control of Skirrid. He was, however, politely asked by the League representatives to crash all the Yautja ships he had consumed during the war onto the surface of Skirrid, to which he complied. The ruined ships were quickly re-assimilated into the Flood Hives, they are not indistinguishable from the Flood-infested terrain.

Skirrid is still a frequently visited planet, because a Galactic Trade Route runs through there. Like all Flood colonies, visitors are warned to not land on the planet however, and if such a situation occurs where landing on the planet is unavoidable, visitors are warned to not exit their craft under any circumstances, until they are retrieved.

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