A quick sketch of the hideous spawn of the demon?

These rare and mythical beings have been sighted all across the galaxy. Biologists, Physisists, Chemists, Archaeologists and other "ists" pondered over a name for these hideous creatures, and could come up with only one name: Spocktopus. It resembles Spock alot, so maybe that's why? Nobody is sure of how these creatures came to be, but the League seem to be the only ones who love them! It's a vulcan octopus! It's awesome! That was our argument, but few will listen. The image shows it with pointed ears, raised eyebrows, a neat hairline, 12 or more tentacles and an angry expression. The League captured some and they are now our personal logical octopi, or "Spocktipi." We are proud to say we are the only ones to have this privilege.

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