As a Borg, he set up a Borg rehabilitation program to help injured Borg recover

Strongarm, also known as 'The Strongarm', was a Goodfella who took jobs doing good deeds for people, and he travelled around the Galaxy doing so for many years. Like his fellow Goodfellas he was called up to fight in the Battle of Minas Music, and killed Alien in the fight. He was also called upon to fight in the Battle of the VLE and the Second Battle of Minas Music, in that latter of which he was captured by Cybermen. After the retreat of the Cybermen he was handed over to the Borg. He was later turned into a Borg Drone but was cured by the crew of the Enterprise.

After being cured, he continued his Goodfellaing duties and took command of the remaining Goodfellas. However, he later realised that there weren't actually any Goodfellas left so instead simply decided to go into the music business with SuperNutty. The results were not pleasing. By a cruel twist of fate, Strongarm died due to complications involving his Borg implants that had to be left in his body to keep him alive, so he had no participation in the Stythe Wars. However, he was resurrected by the Omnipowerful Oracle as Strongarm II to join the Bound Swords, but declined, instead choosing to remain with the Swords of the Soundboard for several years before finally being persuaded to join the Bound Swords after the tide began to turn against the Swords.

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