Some examples of SUCAS from throughout the Galaxy.

The Supreme United Confederate Alliance of Seperatists, aka SUCAS, were an organization set up after the Alamar Incident, by Anti-League alliances spearheaded by the Sontarans. After the Sontaran fleet was confiscated many Sontarans became mercenaries or pirates.


Each member faction had its own reasons for hating the League, and many of them wished its destruction. However, SUCAS never really managed anything more than minor terrorist attacks on League Outposts. Occasionally, however, SUCAS would demonstrate their resourcefulness by taking the League by surprise.

One such incident occured when a League shipyard orbiting Sanghelios was attacked. Three ships, each one loaded with explosives, slipped into the system in very close proximity to the shipyard. Giving the station no time to react, the ships all detonated, disintergrating themselves and taking two-thirds of the station with them. The mostly-Sangheili crew all then died due to the depressurisation of the station.

Another incident occured near the Inon system, where a SUCAS freighter outfitted with EMP cannons and missiles attacked two League ships. EMP cannons can immideitly disable a ship but they are very dangerous, and excessive use can cause them to backfire. Both League ships were destroyed in the attack and the freighter escaped.

Decline and DemiseEdit

After these two relatively major incidents SUCAS declined in popularity. They lost many members following the third reformation of the League, when the League became a lot more democratic. SUCAS as an organization was officially disbanded in the Human Summer of 1 PLR, a year after the League's third reformation, but several cells of resistance still existed afterwards that caused minor disturbances for the League. These eventually dimished when an outcry from the populace made the SUCAS members realise that they weren't doing anyone any good. They were reintergrated into the League's membership without punishment.


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