Sutekh, trapped in the Black Pyramid of Horus

Sutekh, also known as Sutekh the Destroyer, Typhonian Beast, Set, Sadok, Seth and Satan, was an Osirian who wanted to destroy all life in the universe. He feared that the creatures of the universe would one day unite in a massive army (a prophecy which had come true through the League) and he wanted to cleanse the universe of all life to become God. His plan was to fire the remaining Halo rings by accessing the portal to the Ark, however his fellow Osirians tracked him to Earth and imprisoned him in the Black Pyramid in Egypt. They used a device called the Eye of Horus (which was positioned on Mars) to beam a signal down to the Black Pyramid to keep Sutekh imprisoned there.

In 1914 PLF, a Human named Marcus Scarman accidently unlocked the Black Pyramid and released Sutekh's Service Robots. Disguised as Mummies, these robots began constructing a rocket aimed at the Eye of Horus on Mars in order to free Sutekh. As a reward for his servies, Sutekh gifted Scarman with the glorious gift of death.

The Fourth Doctor arrived on the scene but was controlled by the mind powers of Sutekh and forced to help the robots and Scarman's reanimated corpse to build the rocket. Taking them all to Mars in the TARDIS, the rocket destroyed the Eye of Horus and freed Sutekh. Outraged at being controlled, the Doctor used to TARDIS to trap Sutekh in a time tunnel for thousands of years, longer than the lifespan of even an Osirian.

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