T3-H8/3C-FD near some bins

T3-H8 was an astromech and utility droid that was on sale on Taris during the Rise of Trask Ulgo. T3-H8 was bought by Rarth Devan but exploded soon after leaving the shop, forcing the owner of the shop to give Devan a full refund. The droid was actually remotely operated by Trask Ulgo, to test Devan's responses to dodgy situations. Thankfully, Devan simply accepted the refund and went on his way, proving to Trask that he was at least partially worthy of taking on the role of Galactic Hero.

Devan returned to the shop later on to buy T3-M4, at which time T3-H8 was repaired. After having all of his insides removed and replaced, T3-H8 gained some degree of sentience and was given free will by Trask as he theorised that an unwitting mininon with free will was far more inconspicious than a remote controlled droid. T3-H8 renamed himself 3C-FD and stored himself away onboard the Ebon Hawk, using Trask's teachings to keep himself hidden from the crew.

Several years later, 3C-FD was damaged in an attack on the Ebon Hawk by the Sith. T3-M4 brought him back online and asked for his help in repairing the ship. After consulting Trask, 3C-FD agreed. They repaired the hyperdrive and took the remaining crew (aka Guy and Whiny Bitch) to the Peragus Mining Facility. However, 3C-FD was severely damaged by a HK-50 droid on board the Ebon Hawk and stowed away in a locker by the crew of the Peragus Station. Trask later arrived to recover his friend and they departed together before the station was destroyed.

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