Tartarus with the Fist of Rukt

Tartarus with his beloved hammar.

Tartarus, aka big fluffy monkey, dumb ape, marshmallow man, dumbass, monster, mallowface, longtooth mcdumb, fuzzy buzzy gut wrencher, Lotso Huggin' Bear, chieftain of the dumb apes, mr. fluffy, teddy, fuzzy, gummy bear, mohawk, baldie, afro-lackin', Chewbacca wannabe, furball, rukty grunt-guzzler or dirty macsquirty, was the chieftain of the Brutes until he was bludgeoned to death by the Arbiter.

Apparently the hopes of all the Covenant rested on his shoulders at one point, which explains why the Covenant fell within a day of the Brutes taking control. He has a completely indestructible shield that can be taken down by a few shots of the worst sniper rifle ever. His teeth are made of Jackal Wishbones.

He owned a giant gravity hammer called the Fist of Rukt, which fell into the possession of a grunt after Tartarus was slain. He tried to activate Halo Installation 05 but was intercepted by the Arbiter and Sergeant Johnson and his fur was set on fire by Johnson's beam rifle, and he was beaten to death by the Arbiter with his own hammer.

His corpse was casually discarded into the bowels of Installation 05, and it landed on Gravemind's head as he was packing up to leave. Disgusted by the stench of the Brutey Baron, Gravemind vowed to destroy all the Brutes and thus he adapted the Flood so that Brutes could be infected by them, increasing the Flood's overall effectiveness by 0.0000000001%.

The legacy of Tartarus lived on, however, when the Arbiter upcycled his fur to make a pair of oven gloves, which he would use to cook more Brutes in a big oven to make 4 and Twenty Brute Pie. The oven gloves caught fire and had to be discarded, however, in favour of Arbiter's new Truthskin gloves.

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