The twisted creature in full form

The Abomination is a creature that lives in the center of a planet at the far reaches of the Galaxy. It was once a humanoid woman until it drunk a magic potion which transformed it into a hideous creature of twisted proportions. The creature itself is vaguely humanoid but has been corrupted beyond any recognition of its former self.

The creature exists only to corrupt others to its will, and it has assembled an army of minions known as the Abominations. The Abomination Mother, as it is called by its soldiers, has direct control over its minions whilst retaining their individuality, which makes them very dangerous.

The creature itself is almost unkillable, and has alliances with many other dangerous beings such as the Demon of the Abyss and Tricky Tricky. Many have ventured into her nest to destroy her but all have been either destroyed or corrupted themselves. Her hive is vile enough to rival the Gravemind, with every turn revealing more sickening sights to terrify possible attackers.

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