An example of a Broth. Scary, huh?

The Broth are a group of practically indestructable, eyeless Devils with a wrinkled purple face. They are disguised as angels until you touch them. If you touch them again, their eyes become visble and if you touch them one last time their eyes pop out in your face as a way of scaring off predators or annoying people.

The only realistic way of defeating the Broth is to crack a series of extremely complicated codes, only cracked by true warriors with computers and big brains. Also, the founder of this species, Sir Sock-alot, was assassinated 60 years ago because he annoyed people going on about the big eyeless devils. 

However, further research in 2013 tells us that Sir Sock-alot is still around, somewhere...

Different to the picture displayed above, there is a different rank to the Broth system, four, in fact:

  • A normal Broth civilian, the one in the picture.
  • A Broth soldier, a bigger beast with light armor.
  • A Broth Captin, a highly respected figure, higher in Government than a Squadron leader but weaker in war. 
  • A Squadron Leader, as mentioned above, this rank is the most powerful because fighting is most important to this terifying species.

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