The Buy 'n' Die!

A poster for the Buy 'n' Die...

The Buy 'n' Die! is a shop opened and run by Bartender and frequented by Kyle Katarn, Luke Skywalker and Reborn when they want to buy some important stuff like cheese or eggs. The shop is named the Buy 'n' Die because so many lightsaber duels go on there.

The shop itself also sells excellent medpacs and shield generators for personal use, and it has three floors. On the bottom floor there is an endless chasm (Built by Pointless Chasm Builders Inc.) which consumes anyone foolish enough to fall down it. There are several lifts going between floors but you always get weirdos waiting in the corner of the lifts, continuously running into the wall. Odd.

The shop's top floor has a skylight, though which space can be seen. Even if its daytime. Odder...

And there are also rumours of a strange disembodied voice which sneaks up on people and, when they least expect it, makes them jump by shrieking 'YOU MAY BEGIN!' really, really loud... Oddest...

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