The cat

He has pointy teeth, and likes to have well groomed hair. Stylish!

The Cat is a member of the Felis Sapiens species. The League are unsure on whether he is the last of his kind, because all the rest of them raged a war involving coloured hats, and at least half of his kind crashed into a passing asteroid. He was left behind, because he was an idiot. The only other reject found alive was a cat priest, who believed in a god who happened to be Dave Lister and died knowing that he did exist. The Cat is a desendant of Lister's cat Frankenstein, and evolved to look humanoid.

The Cat is exactly like a cat in personality, and values his looks, nap-time and personal gain more than friendship, kindness, and respect. The only respect shown from him was when he licked the person serving him food. He, like Lister, enjoys playing games, and adores the Flintstones, but his favourite thing to do is claim everything for his own. He hates Goalpost Head, and calls anyone else "Bud."

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